Sunday, 21 September 2014

Piglets are growing!

The piglets are growing quickly. They are five weeks now.
They have become experts at escaping and chasing the cat and dogs!?!
Mum enjoys a break from them every now and then. They will be moving on to new homes at eight week, we will keep two for ourselves.
It will be nice to have less mouths to feed as the cow has started to dry off and there is less milk available. She is due a calf next March :-)

Our boys have started pony riding on Saturday mornings in the local riding club. I hope it is the start of a life long passion.


  1. Our seven piglets are growing quickly as well but we are keeping them, so the feed bill is getting higher by the day so we are going to put them out on grass paddocks to supplement their feed.
    What lovely children you have. I am sure that they will love pony riding. I have always wanted to ride a horse, but I think that it will be in my next lifetime!

    1. What will you do with your piglets? Do you have a market for the meat?
      Ours are about 8 wks now and four are going to new homes this evening and another one is going to a neighbouring farm in the morning, leaving us with just two.
      I was worried we would have problems selling them coming into winter, but it seems I was wrong. It will be a relief to our feed bill to have five out of seven gone. It will take so much pressure off the sow also as she was starting to slim down.


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